When you’re standing at the crossroads…

I’ll stand by you.

So by now we’ve (obviously) figured out that i’m not a great blogger. I start, I continue, but really only when i’m stuck by an urge to write.

And right now i’m really struck with the urge to write. undoubtably due to the fact that I have to have all my earthly possessions packed up within the next few hours.

I’m headed to DC tomorrow. I’m headed to law school the day after. I could fill pages with the wondering and doubt, but instead i’m just lightly going to touch on it. I’m going to law school, and when I do, I will be the first person in my family to have graduated college, and as a double header, attend grad school.

I’m on my own, kids. For better or worse, till debt do us part.

I’ve left the job I grew up at, the home I didn’t grown up in. The siblings that I finally got to know again. I thought I was all grown up, but it seems to me there’s always more growing up to do.

Oh, the people i’ll meet and the things i’ll see. I wonder what 3 years will bring me.

(Credits to Postsecret.com)

There’s no doubt that law school will change me. Undergrad changed me. Life has a way of changing you. I just hope the changes are the ones i’ve been anticipating.


One response to “When you’re standing at the crossroads…

  1. Good luck Rachel!!!!!!! I am so excited for you and hope you have an easy adjustment and lots of success in your studies and make tons of friends and just have fun! Big hugs!!!!!!!!!!

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