All or Nothing

I’m mostly an all or nothing kind of girl.

When I’m in, I’m in and when I’m out, well I’m pretty much out. I can be swayed, convinced even, but I definitely tend to stick to my opinions.

I can eat the same cereal for weeks  and then not have it for years. I will drink nothing but Diet Coke for months, but then decide I like Pepsi  better. Like I said, it’s all or nothing for me.

That brings me to my current issue: TV.

I grew up without TV. That’s not to say we didn’t have one (mini and hidden in my mom’s shoe bag.) But it wasn’t the center of my universe. Movies were for special occasions and only rated ‘G.’

With TV being a rare and forbidden thing, I read a lot. The library was my second home, and the books my second life. I would go to the library each week and take out dozens of books, consume and devour them over the week, and then go back for more the next week.

When I was about 13, I accidently took the book ‘PUSH’ out of the library. Wow was that an eye opener. I had no idea that people could do that kind of thing to family members and was pretty horrified. Let’s just say that’s one story I’ve kept to myself till now!

Like I said, I never had TV, and now I do. Well, I still don’t have a TV (that’s what moving back in with your parents does) but I do download everything onto my laptop. Now I’m like a kid in a candy store. A very time consuming, mind-numbing candy store. Even worse, I can’t just randomly watch an episode of a TV show. I need to watch EVERY episode, and every season. I need to know tha actors names and their background info. Considering the fact that every episode is generally 45 minutes, that is a LOT of wasted time.

Now I watch:
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
White Collar
Lie To Me
Better Off Ted
30 Rock
Modern Family

I guess I’m just trying to wrap my mind around my little addiction here.

TV Addiction by DigitalBreakout. //


2 responses to “All or Nothing

  1. Lol sounds just like you. ADD but so focused at the same time.

  2. House- Check (but it started grating my nerves)
    Grey’s Anatomy- Check!
    Private Practice- Check!!!
    Lie to Me- Check !!!!!!!
    All the rest- NOPE…
    you HAVE to watch-
    How I met your mother – funniest show on earth!
    Arrested Development is hilarious!

    You still win the time waster’s competition though. 🙂

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