Monthly Archives: January 2010

Welcome… :)

Well, I’ve finally caved and decided to publicly blog, in an attempt to add some interest to my Twitter account.

I’ve been an on and off blogger for years, and this is my first completely public attempt!

I work for a Jewish non-profit organization dealing with seriously ill children by day, and have been obsessively cramming for the LSAT by night. I’m a huge fan of social media, Twitter and Facebook are my most abused forms!

I’m not a particularly great writer, but I generally have an opinion about everything.

I’m an unapologetic liberal democrat and actually enjoy politics. Yes, I voted for Obama, and yes, I believe there should be health care for everyone. I think big banks are evil, but still bank with Chase.

I misuse commas, all the time. (Yes, that comma was a joke!)

I’m addicted to caffeine.

I use ‘I’ statements way too often.

I have severe, chronic, refractory migraines. Just so we’re clear, if you can take a Tylenol and your ‘migraine’ goes away, it’s NOT a migraine.

I have a fantastic memory for information that is generally not useful at all, but I have horrible short term memory. So I can remember a detailed, Hebrew song from first grade, but I have to check the UPS history to remember if I really did mail that package.

Off the top of my head I can name more than 6 different types of pediatric brain tumors. I realize that makes me weird.

Stay tuned…